Li Ning is not five years ago that can rival Adidas

Kim Jin Jun professional managers quit, founder Li Ning return, the founding slogan also will be restarted, Nike Free 5.0 Damen "everything is possible" return again after a lapse of five years. However, Li Ning is not five years ago that can rival Adidas and Nike's first national sports brand. Li Ning, the company tried to shift from traditional sports equipment suppliers as "Internet + sports life Adidas Neo Femme experience" service providers, but for now Li Ning's electricity supplier channels, intelligent running shoe, Internet marketing and other activities to see and do not see deeper "Internet + "project.

Magang shoes observers believe that Li Ning's "Internet +" core "digital business", hoping to consumers, channels, products are digital, establish new relationships with consumers, compared with short-term channel and inventory problems, This is a deeper and more long-term thing, but the line more than 5,000 stores digitized is not easy. In June 2010, when he was CEO Zhang Nike Free 5.0 Womens Zhiyong in the leading Li Ning Company carried out a radical rebranding exercise, which is the core initiative is to follows the 20-year LOGO adjust the original integrated L-shaped split LOGO divided into two sections. New LOGO taken from the name of gymnastics Li Ning, Nike Roshe Run Homme "Li Ning cross", the brand slogan "Let the change" instead of "everything is possible."

Replace LOGO for any business is a big deal. Li Ning Company in 2010, after the replacement of LOGO careful research, Li Ning's report on consumer display market, Li Ning brand actual consumer groups, compared with the target consumer groups have a certain deviation, which overall is too large. After the 2010 rebranding, Li Ning, the company officially launched the offensive in the first-tier cities, and Nike and other international brands in direct competition.

In January 2011 Nike Roshe Run Womens just after the rebranding, Li Ning, the amount of orders in the second quarter of 2011 fell by 6%, the share price plummeted nearly 16 percent, dependent on intensive distribution and channel growth model has been difficult to sustain. This is a problem when all sports brands are facing high inventory pressure also led directly to the domestic sports market as long as four or five years of the trough, and Li Ning, this time to replace the new LOGO just collided.

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