Runtastic also pledged to make future significant improvements

Beijing time on August 6 morning news, sporting goods giant Adidas has been Nike Air Max Thea Womens to 220 million euros (about 239 million US dollars) to buy a European mobile health startups Runtastic. Runtastic Founded in 2009 and headquartered in Austria, in the past five years to establish a good reputation in the digital fitness area, whose main product is GPS fitness tracking application downloads has reached several million times.

This start-up companies also have launched many hardware products, such as watches and GSP can be mounted on a bicycle smart phones. In addition, Runtastic also Nike Roshe Run Homme released a lot of applications for niche markets. Late last year, the company Oculus Rift virtual reality helmet manufacturers launched a new fitness applications.

Runtastic large user population, Adidas and other companies attractive. German media giant Axel Springer acquired a 50.1% stake in the company in 2013, and the remaining Nike Air Max 90 Damen49.9% stake in the company is jointly owned by the four co-founders and an angel investor. By today announced acquisitions, Runtastic will become a wholly owned subsidiary of Adidas, but Runtastic employees will work in Austria and the San Francisco office.

Runtastic said that after the completion of the acquisition of the company's namesake application will continue to operate, at least for now. Meanwhile, Runtastic also pledged to make future significant improvements, the co-founder and current CEO Nike Air Max 90 Womens Florian Gschwandtner, he said: "We have a lot of ideas, and optimize the product still does not plan to stop in the near future." He added: "Both companies I believe we will be able to join forces to create a unique product portfolio, providing an unparalleled experience for existing and future members of the user community. "Nike Air Huarache Femme

Adidas has a huge portfolio of digital product fields wearable smart devices, applications, and clothing and the like, but with Nike +, Nike is likely to have an advantage. After the acquisition Runtastic, Adidas will be able to expand their market share.

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