ASICS brand awareness in India is still relatively low

Asics is the world's fourth-largest sports brand, Nike Air Max 1 Dames the main running shoes and sportswear, has 60 years of operating history. Asics has not yet decided to penetrate deep into the Indian market, it plans to open over the next five years in India 80 stores. In addition to the store selling products, the company will also expand sales by means of electronic business platform, and actively sponsoring major Indian domestic long-distance running events to raise brand awareness.

Learned from India's "Economic Times" reported on February 12, the Japanese running shoes sports brand ASICS (Asics) will open stores in India, and the first-year sales target in India was set at 280 million rupees. Previously, the company terminated the Indian Reliance Retail Company (Reliance Retail) of an exclusive contract.

ASICS Rajat Khurana, head of India said: "The main sales ASICS Companies from global multi-brand Nike Air Max 90 Essential Femme stores, but the Indian market is still not a lot of these stores in the next five years we plan to open 80 stores this."

ASICS number of stores the company plans to start the first Nike Air Max 1 Damen year is 5, the first company to begin formal operations in July, the store located in major cities. Since the company's products are imported, parts also non-local processing, ASICS will not start self-brand stores in India, all of the company's stores are franchises.

As new entrants Indian footwear market, compared with Nike, Reebok and Adidas these competitors, ASICS brand awareness in India is still relatively low. However, the company claimed to be the world leader in brand running shoes, the company can achieve good results in India with confidence.

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