its shares late last month to see the recent low of HK

Li Ning to complete the sale of securities to the Qualifying Shareholders to raise funds 1.553 billion yuan (before deduction of expenses). Yesterday's share price fell more than 9 percent, to close at 3.08 yuan, Nike Roshe Run Dames probably because of new ordinary shares will begin trading today, putting pressure on stock Nike Roshe Run Damen prices. According to yesterday's closing price to 2.6 yuan to subscribe for new ordinary shares of the shareholders, the book is still a good profit. Li Ning issued a profit warning at the beginning of the expected annual loss attributable to shareholders 14 no more than 820 million yuan (RMB ? below), compared with a loss of 391 million yuan to expand the 13 year 1.1 times. Since its first half loss has reached 585 million yuan, in other words, the second half of its loss of about 235 million yuan, compared with the first half narrowed significantly.

Its profit warning also noted that on operating performance, the channel continued to improve profitability. Adidas Neo Homme Futures orders in the second quarter ending 15 consecutive quarters recorded a five-year Nike Air Max Thea Homme growth, but late last year quarter same-store sales growth has turned positive. Since the second half of last year revenue growth of operating leverage has not been achieved, so take time to reflect improvements in financial performance management. Technically, its shares late last month to see the recent low of HK $ 2.84, but has shown signs of the end of the 9th RSI divergence. Yesterday's fall, may form a small head and shoulders bottom right shoulder. Just do not fall below HK $ 2.94, a small head and shoulders bottom shape still holds.

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