If every pair of shoes are worn in a short time is very serious

Foreign Nike Free 5.0 Womens experts to study: the outside of the big toe caused by wear and tear and more as hallux valgus, the big toe and foot joint that is connected to more than caused by the tilt at 15 degrees. When walking, these patients tend to prematurely lift the heel, the excess pressure is applied to the big toe.

Nanjing Integrative Medicine Hospital, director of orthopedic practitioners Yangzeng Min said, many of the big toe valgus congenital cause, but may also be due to the sedentary, often wear high heels as a result of long-term downward stretch toes caused.

"Valgus big toe, foot and ankle surgery is currently the most common condition." Nanjing First Hospital, director of orthopedic physician Gui Jian Chao said, in particular, pointed heels. Since Nike Lunarglide 4 Herren there is no flexible leather uppers, foot forced into a narrow triangle, it will force Nike Air Max 2015 Heren the foot hallux valgus, varus small toe is. Let some of the beauty of women, there can not walk long distances, toe pain, two feet, calluses and other symptoms appear, serious had to be surgically corrected. This situation caused by too much because the shoes, walking, the foot in order to adapt oversized shoes, often friction shoe mouth, causing the inside of the shoes I wear. Shoes large, the friction between the forefoot and the insole will increase, which may also be known from the degree of wear of the front portion of the insole. Repeated friction can cause heel blisters, plantar fasciitis, etc., due forefoot excessive force, but also lead to acute tibia and calf pain.

Yang Zengmin director, said the shoes I wear the general principal Nike Air Max 90 Damen or choose shoes fit enough time, so the fit is the first element selected from the comfort Nike Air Max 90 Dames of the shoe. Mostly because of the forces uneven knees cause, the most typical symptom is the legs of different lengths. In addition to congenital causes of the length of the legs, but also may be caused by pelvic tilt.

杨增敏 say, when people injured foot, one side will deliberately avoid injuries force, it will form a protective lameness, uneven force may also make the legs, feet soles wear resulting in significantly different. Feet, knees, lumbar, cervical and other under normal physiological state, should a state of equilibrium; If any parts appear offset imbalances, will transfer to the feet by gravity. Normal gait is destroyed, many of friction will be reflected through the soles wear. However, the soles wear, waist and legs must be a Nike Roshe Run Uomo problem with it?

"Not necessarily." Yangzeng Min said, when most people are not absolute balance body walking, so wear shoes is normal, "as long as the wear is symmetrical about the wear is not particularly exaggerated, are not too concerned." Experts say shoes wear is inevitable, but if every pair of shoes are badly worn in a short time, we should pay attention to whether the body joints out of the question. "Generally speaking, if the new buy shoes, wear off within 6 1/5 months, it is normal. If within three months of wear more than 1/5, basically judge may be a health problem, or unhealthy habits lead of the walk. "

If every pair of shoes are worn in a short time is very serious, or suddenly find shoe bottom wear faster than before, it would have to consider whether or not the body's joints out what the problem was.

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