Herzogenaurach is also the headquarters of the Adidas brand

November 12 - this sporting goods companies in this room is a good sign. Puma footwear sales at constant exchange rates recorded a 2 percent to 374 million euros. Bj?rn Gulden president took office in 2013 in charge of the company pointed out that this is the footwear Nike Air Max 1 Heren business recorded an increase for the first time since the seventh season in a row. But this slight increase is insufficient to reverse the whole trend. Footwear sales in January to September fell 4.4 percent to nearly one billion euros. Clothing sales in the first nine months grew more than 9 percent to 810 million euros, sales of gift accessories rose 6.9% to 439 million euros. Puma's overall sales fell 2.9 percent to 2.2 billion euros. This decline is partly due to changes in exchange rates. At constant exchange rates, this German sporting goods company's sales recorded a 2.2% growth. Europe - Middle East - Africa's turnover grew 1.4% to only 910 million. Increase in the Americas and the Asia-Pacific region respectively at constant exchange rates of 3.5% and 2.5%. Puma's operating performance has been unstable in recent years. Nike Air Max 1 Femme For companies, the return to sports brand positioning, not just a lifestyle brand management strategy should be fruitful. The company therefore launched the largest ever advertising, called Forever Faster (always faster) campaign will continue to be held in Brazil in the 2016 Olympics. It has been launched in 35 countries, for more than one billion television viewers. Quick step the company is currently a priority in business sales and organizational aspects. Therefore, the company retail team in September 30 by the Swiss moved to Germany Herzogenaurach headquarters. Lifestyle team in the previous May also left London to move back to Germany headquarters. Herzogenaurach is also the headquarters of the Adidas brand, not far from Nuremberg. KERING's Tom Brady Elite Jersey brand in football a massive attack. It has signed a cooperation agreement with the Arsenal football team, and shares Bolu West German soccer team Borussia Dortmund. However, marketing expenses and therefore rise significantly. Another restructuring charges, which are the result of the company's profit decline partly to blame. Earnings before interest and tax in January to September fell 38 percent to 117 million euros. The company is expected to resume growth in full-year sales, at constant exchange rates is expected to reach a slight increase in the number of units.

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