more effective public are based on select brands

Sporting goods industry companies providing goods and services in addition to the final, but also looking for greater profit margins of the business model, the transition to the third year, when Li Ning product line focus and clarity but also bring a marketing approach change. The company's inception, Li Ning gymnastics team sponsor intention is very and direct, is to "let the Chinese gymnasts put on China's own brand, standing on the world's highest podium

Gymnastics Li Ning Company and himself for it are like a symbol, at that stage, between gymnastics and mutual achievement brand Li Ning, Li Ning's gymnastics team has helped build brand awareness, but also let the world know that Chinese brands for the first time "Li Ning."

Therefore, Li Ning Li Ning Company is also the founder of the company said that 2014 interim results, give up sponsorship of the Chinese gymnastics team was a tough decision for him, "gymnastics trained me, this decision is good for the company, but for me, very painful.Nike Air Max 1 Dames " .

In fact, the Chinese sporting goods industry's market structure is a typical "dumbbell" structure, market volume of international high-end brands and local low-end brands across Nike Air Huarache Homme the very large, moderately priced market relatively stagnant. Basketball shoes, for example, the price more than 500 yuan or 300 yuan the following product lines, formed the mainstream consumer market, while the mid-market retail price of 300 to 500 yuan but volume is relatively small.

However, in mature economies, almost all industries are brand distribution pyramid, a small number of people to buy high-end products, and more effective public are based on select brands. After 2011, the consumer brand for sports worship began to weaken, mass consumption also began to return to reason, thus promoting the industry pyramid began to market changes.

Li Ning Rob Gronkowski Elite Jersey in the transition period have done, is to seize the opportunity to change consumer trends, re-sort their brand positioning, it has chosen a breakthrough is the mid-market. Basketball shoes, for example, product coverage from 299 yuan to 999 yuan entry-level products for high-end products, while the price of the main product is concentrated in the 300 to 450 yuan price range, according to the annual report 2013 Li Ning material shows that the range, Li Ning occupy about 37% market share.

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