Who in the stadium in order to understand the movement of heat

October 25 - more than 300 students, the media, the community put on running Jerod Mayo Elite Jersey shoes, enthusiastically participated in the "winter break proud" Adidas Shenyang Shenyang Public Health Run cum ADIDAS Joy flagship store opening activities. The event in support of Shenyang Joy of success in the business district at the pedestrian street to start, as an event organizer ADIDAS invited Olympic champion Wang Liping went to the scene of passion into the sport in Shenyang, also invited to help out cutting-edge actor Wei Qianxiang refueling site for the Nike Air Max 1 Homme public. The event raised a total of 200,000 materials donated to the charity organization Chunhui love, a love that will be passed to the children who need help. This action Adidas Chinese charity project has won more attention, but also consistent implementation of the national fitness program thoroughly.

Adidas flagship store in the city is a condensed version of the Adidas brand centers, all-round display including Adidas sports performance series and motion picture of classic clover brand to local consumers with a full shopping experience. Joy is located in Shenyang city Adidas flagship store, Adidas in the northeast region's first use of "Homecourt" (home) flagship store concept. A total of three stores, the business area of ??501 square meters. It inherited the essence of Adidas sports pride, heritage, and will upgrade the consumer Adidas Neo Homme retail experience to a whole new level.

Who in the stadium in order to understand the movement of heat, no matter where, as long as the run up, where are the playground! In order to allow more runners to join the ranks of running friends, harvest fun runners, Adidas The Joy held in Shenyang healthy running activities, called on everyone to come to resist the winter by the motion. The event invited to the well-known sports coach, led hundreds of people in the field of Nike Air Max 95 Heren collective aerobics and plate support training activities. Meanwhile, Olympic champion Wang Liping also visit the site to share their stories through movement to express their sporting spirit, the scene was showing a movement of enthusiasm, with action interpretation of the "proud winter break" theme.

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