So Nike Pro football tight shorts was born

The new Nike sportswear Nike Pro close lightest ever, but also greatly enhance the effect of ventilation.

Nike will launch a variety of styles of Nike Pro jersey personal choice for the player, for different temperatures and weather in Brazil,Nike Blazer Homme to help players cope with high temperatures during the day of the game, nor fear the cold southern night game.

Nike also draws on some of the world's best player advice, redesigned for the 2014 series of short paragraph of personal shorts.

Ancelotti recalls: "When we asked the players in the game, what kind of protection they need, they showed us their scars and bruises Tom Brady Jerseyabove the buttocks, when tackles in the game, it is easy to cause such injuries. Several players have to show Nike Air Max Thea Dames us a similar injured area, so we moved to strengthen protection, taking into account the needs of lightweight breathable. "

So Nike Pro football tight shorts was born. The shorts sliding tackles mode for players in the field, the adjustment has been designed to enhance the protection. It is lighter than the previous models by 20%, and its 87% of the material is recycled Nike Air Max 90 Hyperfuse Womens polyester. Heat generated by the site in the athletes add mesh design, not only improves the breathability and cool feeling, while reducing weight.

Dutch national team home jersey has immediate effect and at Nike retail outlets.

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