Experts say the difference at home and abroad and foreign

Nike's "double standards" does Nike Blazer Homme not seem to exist only on the aforementioned shoe, there are reports that a man AIRMAXHYPERPOSITE Nike basketball shoes, its price in the domestic RMB about 1800 yuan, while the same product for just less than $ 200 in the United States , about more than 1100 yuan, a difference of nearly 600 yuan. Nike's the same product in the domestic price is almost higher than the US price so much.

One with children choose sports shoes Xu mother said Nike brand itself, the price is very expensive, but the kids like to buy a few times, at first thought to be naughty children, wearing long shoes on the bad, and later saw a lot of Nike quality report, I realized that this brand is its quality, but off, and saying that he no longer buy.

A Aunt Chen also said that while the pursuit of profit is the company's dominant ideology, but they can not go against the law of value, damage the interests of Chinese consumers, who would buy such a bad Nike Air Max 1 Homme business ethics products? They are targeting China's vast market, punished sooner or later, I hope the introduction of more stringent punishment scheme.

For this, the Beijing Municipal Industrial and Commercial Bureau penalties Nike, this is Nike's lesson, in our country to engage in "double standards" of foreign enterprises are not a minority, but also for its wake-up call, the problem is probably not set up to reflect on the good image will soon be destroyed.

Why when Nike sales in China to engage in a "double standard" mean?

"Double standards" why? Experts say the difference at home and abroad and foreign involve different taxation, غير مجاز مي باشدt of sales and other reasons, but does not exclude foreign brands to Chinese consumers being taken advantage factor. But the real public anger, some foreign brands in product quality, service, product recalls aspects of Chinese consumers may engage in "discriminatory" means.

Many of the company'Nike Roshe Run Hommes production and processing plants are located in China, while Chinese consumers are forced to spend more than half of American consumers purchase price of produced domestic product, which is the Chinese consumers said they could not accept and angry questions.

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