it has been difficult to obtain the same result latecomers sales channels

Faced with surging round outdoor market, local outdoor brands have seen quite calm. For the recovery of the whole outdoor market feel happy at the same time, nike air max 90 mens they also give new entrants to offer their own proposals. "Outdoor brand in the width and breadth of the product line is much more than the traditional sports shoes and apparel brands. Its build production and supply chain system takes a long time to run, this is not an overnight process energy. And just to enter the outdoor market of domestic sports brand, mostly to improve their product range for the main purpose, and not as professional outdoor brand development and design of this expanded line of products, respond to different outdoor environments and wear scene. "Tianlun day outdoor Ltd. General Manager nike air max 90 womens Xu Tengda said. Of course, the emerging small and medium brands and channels change because of its high غير مجاز مي باشدt is a meteoric rise, perhaps to some extent, have a certain impact on the local outdoor brand marketing, but in the long term, the brand's product and market positioning Ryan Wendell Jersey different, so I do not will cause their market penetration. After all, domestic and local brands preconceptions on the shopping channel resources, it has been difficult to obtain the same result latecomers sales channels, some of the new channel model especially for outdoor set shop market still needs a long incubation period. "Even a single store to join, Direct and other models to explore ways just the rise of these small brands still lacking visibility in the market, several groups of hot single product family is also difficult to support a wealth of outdoor sales demand, these still are serious problem facing their future development. "Shengfu Lai, general manager of Outdoor Products Co. said. "Beginning in 2010, the outdoor market began to grow, after all these years of rapid development, the entire outdoor industry is still in progress, but growth has slowed, but the pace of development outside of public life still Kenbrell Thompkins Jersey considerable class, online and offline channels holdings rate has been close to the limit, how to get through two segments, a new round of channel change in focus, especially now local outdoor brand channel layout already amount to anything, compete online and offline channels is nearing completion. "Tianlun day outdoor supplies limited Company vice president Fan Peng believes that a company wants to have a more suitable for mass outdoor market channels, it is necessary from the line to the next line of brands. After all, the outdoor market has already changed, what is professional outdoor, what is life outdoors, most consumers have begun to acknowledge. This means that fish in troubled waters in the past is gone, in order to do outdoors, companies must have a core of professional outdoor nike air max mens development capacity, but also to be able to use grafted practical outdoor science and technology products to the general public, the lion brand outdoor Supplies Ltd. Xu Rongsheng told reporters, more importantly, the market impact of the online Nike Air Max 90 Damen channel, allowing more outdoor product غير مجاز مي باشدt tends to transparency, compression after high profit outdoor products, must actively Fusion emerging online channels, fight more market share. "In addition to open up the brand online next line, around public health lifestyles, user-centric, build outdoor products, travel services and a large outdoor section collaborative development eغير مجاز مي باشدystem, will probably become the core Nike Air Max Outlet of a new way of outdoor market force." Xu Rongsheng representation.

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